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An Apology...
I just wanna say, that I'm sorry about the sudden drop in productivity on my part. Just letting you know, I haven't given up, or quit. Give me just a minute or two of your time, I'm going to try and make you understand. This is mostly about me, so you'll probably want to skip it if you're not that fussed.
Now, I'm a shipping writer, and if public opinion is to be believed, a good one at that. I get the odd comment or note now and then as a result, asking me what I'd define love as, hell, even had one person ask for tips on how to find it.
It may shock you to learn that this supposed master of romance has never really had any. Sure, one night stands aplenty, but someone who wants to commit? It's rare indeed that I come across that sort of person.
And so, when someone did come along, someone as sappy as me, with the same bleeding-heart approach to love and affection, I found myself hesitant. We talked for a long time in comments, for a few months, in fact. While I aim to answer everyone
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Forever With The One You Love
Twilight rolled over in bed, the purple mare's body slowly stretching in her half-awake daze as she murmured gently to herself. As her eyes closed once more to enjoy those last few moments of blissful sleep, her forehooves dug into the bed sheets before bumping into something familiar. A wistful smile crossed her muzzle as she smiled, reaching forward with her muzzle as her nostrils began to sniff her favorite scent. Opening her eyes slowly, Twilight saw Trixie's half awake eyes staring back into hers as a sleepy smile crosses the blue unicorn's muzzle.
"Mmm, good morning, sleepyhead..." Trixie's usual defenses by now were dropped when around Twilight, but her voice still carried that slightly haughty tone to it at times. It wasn't intentional most the time for her, it's just that the magician unicorn had her stage persona so ingrained into her normal psyche. "It's about time you woke up..."
Twilight gave a slow smile as she reached out, her right hoof touching Trixie's face lightly as
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